Jean Ting

Property Management


Jean Ting delivers a fastidious and practical approach combined with genuine dedication to going the extra mile for each and every client.

Jean prizes continual improvement so she is tireless in her pursuit of up-to-the-minute local market knowledge and best practice. Jean never skips a beat in 'on paper' property management, including condition reports, routine and final inspections, rental payments and maintenance records.

Beyond that, Jean emphasises the people behind the property. She is strongly people-oriented and prides herself on building enduring professional relationships with all property stakeholders. With her innate ability to earn the trust, confidence and respect of astute landlords and tenants alike, Jean takes proactive property management to new heights.

Superlative client service is a constant theme throughout Jean's career. Before joining our Galldon team in 2015, she was an international professional for Grand Hyatt Hotels. While Jean travelled diverse locations from Taiwan to Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne, the focus of her role was always guest services. In this role, Jean developed meticulous multi-tasking, personalised service and ability to build rapport with diverse clients. These skills have proven valuably portable to the property management sector.

Jean is an explorer at heart so when she is not delivering premium property management she savours new experiences like restaurants, wine, festivals and other activities. In true fashion, Jean's academic credentials are dynamic and varied. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management, Diploma of Business Administration, Certificate of Fashion Design and Certificate of Agents Representative.


Phone: 03 9670 3330

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